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Past Meetings—

1959—Louisville, KY hosted by Hugh Lynn

1961—St Louis, MO hosted by Eugene Lewis

1962—Cincinnati, OH hosted by Lester Martin

1963—Memphis, TN hosted by Robert Allen

1964—Rochester, MN hosted by Hugh Lynn

1965—Kansas City, MO hosted by Edwin Ide Smith

1966—Nashville, TN hosted by George Holcomb, Jr.

1967—Lexington, KY hosted by Richard Segnitz

1968—Detroit, MI hosted by Frederico Arcari

1969—Dallas, TX hosted by George Dorman

1970—Mexico City hosted by Jesus Lasoya

1971—Pittsburgh, PA hosted by William Sieber

1972—Birmingham, AL hosted by Marshall Pitts

1973—Cleveland, OH hosted by Robert Izant

1974No Meeting

1975—Minneapolis, MN hosted by Bernard Spencer

1976—Philadelphia, PA hosted by Harry Bishop

1977—Fort Worth, TX hosted by Dick Ellis

1978—Salt Lake City, UT hosted by Dale Johnson

1979—Columbus, OH hosted by Tom Boles

1980—Oklahoma City, OK hosted by Edwin Ide Smith

1981—Caribbean Cruise

1982—Memphis, TN hosted by Earl Wrenn

1983—Boston, MA hosted by Lucien Leape

1984—Williamsburg, VA/Durham, NC celebrating the 25th Anniversary Meeting. Separate trip to Williamsburg, VA, before Durham Meeting hosted by Howard Filston

1985—Cincinnati, OH hosted by Lester Martin

1986—San Fransico, CA hosted by Alfred de Lorimier

1987—Kansas City, MO hosted by Thomas Holder

1988—Baton Rouge, LO hosted by Paulsen Armstrong

1989—Los Angeles, CA hosted by Eric Fonkalsrud

1990—Cincinnati, OH hosted by Moritz Zeigler

1991—Detroit, MI hosted by Arvin Philippart

1992—Fort Worth, TX hosted by Charlie Mann

1993—Oklahoma City, OK hosted by William Tunell

1994—Kansas City, MO hosted by Keith Ashcraft

1995—St. Louis, MO hosted by Thomas Weber

1996—Hershey, PA hosted by Thomas Krummel

1997—Houston, TX hosted by Robert Bloss

1998—Memphis, TN hosted by Douglas Hixson &
Robert Hollabaugh

1999—Louisville, KY hosted by Diller Groff

2000—Charleston, SC hosted by C.D. Smith

2001—Boston, MA (cancelled 9/11) hosted by Sam Kim

2002—Minneapolis, MN hosted by Glen Anderson

2003—Winston-Salem, NC hosted by Charles Turner

2004—Kansas City, MO hosted by George Holcomb, III

2005—Omaha, NE hosted by Stephen Raynor

2006—Washington, DC hosted by Kurt Newman

2007—Roanoke, VA hosted by Clint Cavett

2008—Chicago, IL hosted by Robert Arensman

2009—Minneapolis, MN hosted by David Schmeling

2010—Madison, WI hosted by Dennis Lund

2011—Boston, MA hosted by Robert Shamberger

2012—Atlanta, GA hosted by Richard Ricketts

2013—St. Louis, MO hosted by Brad Warner

2014—Cincinnati, OH hosted by Dan von Allmen

2015—Nashville, TN hosted by Walter Morgan

2016—Louisville, KY hosted by Mary Fallat

2017—Oklahoma, OK hosted by Cameron Mantor

2018—Boston, MA hosted by Craig Lilliehei


Future Meetings—


2019—Cleveland, OH hosted by Ed Barksdale

2020—Sacramento, CA hosted by Diana Farmer

2021—Knoxville, TN hosted by Glaze Vaughan

2022—Memphis, TN hosted by Max Langham

2023—Indianapolis, IN hosted by Fred Rescorla

2024—Orlando, FL hosted by Andre Hebra

2025—Phoenix, AZ hosted by Dan Ostlie

2026—Corpus Christi, TX hosted by Steve Almond

2027—Kansas City, MO hosted by Shawn St. Peter